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List of internships arranged by our Programme or self-explored by students (subject to change every year):

  • UNICEF Hong Kong
  • Save the Children HK
  • Po Leung Kuk Children and Youth Social Services
  • Christian Action
  • The Academy of Hong Kong Studies, EdUHK
  • Civic Party
  • ICAC Voluntary Summer Helpers Scheme
  • Hong Kong Trade Development Council
  • Hong Kong Housing Society
  • Hong Kong Sustainable Development Research Institute (HKSDRI)
  • Hong Kong International Relations Research Association (HKIRRA) / GLOCAL
  • URounder
  • Walk in Hong Kong
  • Pakpobox Hong Kong Ltd.
  • Amazing Grace Worship Music Ministry
  • The 440 Studio
  • Computershare Hong Kong Investor Services Limited
  • TeachPitch
  • People for Successful Corean Reunification (PSCORE) (South Korea)
  • Dcard Holdings Ltd. (Taiwan)
  • Ontoo Inc. flyingV Crowdfunding Platform (Taiwan)
  • Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies (IPCS) (India)

Student’s Sharing

Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies

During my time at IPCS, I was able to understand what working at a top-tier research institute involved. I was mentored by leading Indian scholars in Global Politics. I also befriended other interns, while we collectively worked to realise IPCS’ various research programmes and initiatives. I contributed three research commentaries on Sino-Indian relations, and extensive background research and data prep-work for IPCS’ report on the radiological and nuclear safety policy scenario in India. I felt that my work was both theoretically and practically meaningful. Constructive criticism has also polished my writing skill. Above all, I cherished the most was the academic atmosphere in IPCS –the criticism and feedback are as severe as the concern for the researcher’s academic development, and the interest in the fruition of their projects. IPCS helped me to develop and succeed at my research endeavours, and for this I am very grateful.

WONG Hoi Ling, Elaine

I worked in the Advocacy Team of UNICEF HK for a Social Impact Assessment regarding their Child Rights Education and Youth Engagement effort. This was the very first time for me to write an in-depth report involving calculation on Social Return on Investment. My 8-week internship was definitely an eye-opening experience. Apart from the practical skills on doing research, it was a golden opportunity for me to acquire proper office manner, communicate and cooperate with staff and other interns in a workplace. Meanwhile, I also attended various staff training workshops in which I learnt outside-the-textbook knowledge. More importantly, this internship experience has helped me to realize my own strengths and weaknesses, which is crucial to plan my future studies and career.

NG Yeuk Sze, Summer
Ontoo Inc. flyingV Crowdfunding Platform

I worked as a Project Management Intern at flyingV in Taiwan in 2018. The reason why I chose to apply for this internship in Taiwan, instead of working in Hong Kong, was because I wanted to expose to marketing and public relations that I have never encountered before. Most importantly, I am always fascinated by the working style of Taiwanese that they put more emphasis on working quality and work-life balance. This internship kills two birds in one stone as I got the opportunity to gain working experiences and expose to a new culture as well. I was so surprised that my colleagues provided so many rooms for me to propose a new project for boosting the company’s online viewership. After the internship, I built up a bicultural mindset which prepares me to become a more capable person to work in the globalized world.

LO Sui Fung
Save the Children Hong Kong

It was an unforgettable experience as I was involved in a large-scale event, the member meeting of Save the Children 2018. I encountered a large variety of work in which some of my assignments were quite demanding to an intern. But working together with my colleagues I finally made it all through. During the internship I have acquired a set of organizational skills which is very helpful to my future studies and career. The most precious moment was the cocktail party on the last day of the conference. The feeling of accomplishment was totally on spot. The internship is a valuable learning experience.

NG Hoi Hei, Kenneth
Pakpobox Hong Kong Ltd.

Working at a startup is a completely new experience to me because of its high flexibility. Although my position was a Business Development intern, which was mainly responsible for expanding the smart locker network of the company by contacting and negotiating with property management offices, I was meanwhile given opportunities to get hands-on experiences on designing marketing campaigns and fundraising activities. The most important skill I have learnt throughout my internship is communication skill among colleagues. As business development involves broad duties, it is necessary to cooperate with the marketing team, the design team, as well as the accounting team so as to ensure a smooth and effective process of expanding the business.