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Dual Degree

CUHK-Waseda University

Dual Degree Programme

  • Participating students will spend first two years at their home university and then two years at the partner university for the last two years.
  • Participating students have to pay tuition fee of CUHK only (2021 entry: HK$42,100/annum for local students, HK$174,000/annum for non-local students).
  • Upon the completion of all graduation requirements of both universities, participating students can earn two Bachelor’s degrees each from CUHK and Waseda University.

Requirements for admission to the 2nd degree programme in Waseda University:

1.  Students must receive a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above in their first year of studies (summer term included); and
2.  Students should have taken at least 37 units in the first year of studies, or they may have to extend their normative study period.
3.  Interviews may be conducted to select students when they have completed their first year of studies.
4.  Students admitted with advanced standing are NOT eligible for this programme. For details of advanced standing, please refer to the website of our Office of Admissions and Financial Aid at http://admission.cuhk.edu.hk/.