(4-Year Programme)

The World is Waiting for You.

Programme Objectives

Our Global Studies Undergraduate Programme (4-Year) aims at nurturing future global leaders by cultivating a global mindset. It is designed to respond to the increased mobility of talents and integration of national markets, and to meet the rapidly rising demands for global leadership to negotiate international relations and geopolitics, manage parochialism and its attendant symptoms (e.g. supra-nationalism, terrorism) and react to global environmental & health challenges (e.g. pollution, HIV, SARS).

Why Global Studies?

Global Leadership

Multilingual and Multicultural Competencies

Multidisciplinary Knowledge

Global Consciousness

The Impact of Globalization

“Global studies is oriented around the study of globalization as it relates to different fields of activity — areas as diverse as market relations, the movement of commodities, global communications and consumption, refugees, migrants and other movements of people around the globe.”

* This definition is based on Steger, M. (2013). It’s about globalization, after all: Four framings of Global Studies. Globalizations, 10, 771–777.