(4-Year Programme)

Programme Objectives

Our Global Studies Undergraduate Programme (4-Year) aims at nurturing future global leaders by cultivating a global mindset. It is designed to respond to the increased mobility of talents and integration of national markets, and to meet the rapidly rising demands for global leadership to negotiate international relations and geopolitics, manage parochialism and its attendant symptoms (e.g. supra-nationalism, terrorism) and react to global environmental & health challenges (e.g. pollution, HIV, SARS).

Global Leadership

Multilingual and Multicultural Competencies

Multidisciplinary Knowledge

Global Consciousness

Study Path at Global Studies

  • Introduction to Global Studies I & II
  • Foreign Language Courses
  • Research Methods for Global Studies
  • Concentration Required & Electives courses
  • Internship
  • Resident Study Overseas
  • Concentration Electives courses
  • Capstone Courses
  • Concentration Electives courses


First Year

Second Year


Third Year

Fourth Year

  • Foundation Courses on Methodology,
    theories and practices of International Relations
  • English Course
  • Foreign Language Course
  • Field Studies
  • Major Required Courses on Global Governance,
    Global Cities, World Economies
  • Graduation Project
  • Major Required Course on Developmental Study
  • Major Required Course on Global Development
  • Advanced English Course
  • Graduation Project